There are no deeper, darker depths, than that of the human mind.
I invite you to walk through mine.

Formal Introduction

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Hello all, I am H.C. Townes, and this is my first official blog. I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself and explain what my website is all about.

It’s long been my dream to publish my writings. Up until recently, I wrote strictly as a hobby. That was until a friend of mine, who was taking a business class at The Citadel, told me I should release my work online and build a fan base. He encouraged me to let more people read my work, and to just “put it out there”.  I was talking about this with my friend  Daniel Barr, owner and operator of Twelve.2 Media, and he said, “Let’s do it!”. So, here it is, my very own website and blog.

I will be posting my work online for all, free to read. I want to share, with the world, what tales of horror, love, passion, mystery, and suspense come rolling out of my head to paper. My blog, will be a place for me to interact with readers, both fans and haters, and to let those who want to read, know what I’m working on or through at the moments of my blogs. It is my hope that I will draw both inspiration from fans and  learn from the advice of critics. While I openly welcome criticism, I won’t be welcoming to profanity of any kind, and will quickly remove any unpleasant replies.

Now that the hello is over, and the guidelines are out there, lets get to my work. Quarry Kingdom, Gnaw, and Lady of the Ashley are all short stories. Penance will be an ongoing novel. My hopes are that I can publish a chapter or two a month, as I fill in writer’s block with short stories and poetry in Relentless Emotion. Aadya is a mystery to me. The book was written as a contest entry in which it finished in the Top 25 and a good many people told me they wanted more. That being said, Aadya the novel will be coming soon. Yes, most likely one chapter at a time.

As I start new projects, my blog will be where I launch the ideas. It is my desire, that you will all enjoy my works and leave me encouragement, as well as advice. I believe firmly that we are all blessed with gifts from God, and I hope you enjoy my gift as I share it with you.