There are no deeper, darker depths, than that of the human mind.
I invite you to walk through mine.

Who is HC?

H.C. Townes was born in 1974, in Eustis Florida. He spent his early years there before moving to South Carolina at the age of ten, where he now resides.

He developed a taste for all things supernatural at a young age, and was inspired by classic tv shows such as Creature Feature, Alfred Hitchcok, Twilight Zone and Scooby Doo. Later, Vampires and Werewolves peeked his interest, and inspired his first full length novel ‘Penance’, currently being written.

H.C. began writing in middle school, dabbling first with poetry, and then broadened into story telling. His early works were kept private or shared only with his wife and friends. Under urging from a handful of his closest friends, he began to publish his works. He fell in love with the mystery and suspense of the classic twist, which is represented in his first three short stories, Quarry Kingdom, Lady of the Ashley, and Gnaw.

Recent Works

quarry kingdom cover - short story

Follow a brilliant young man named Simon on his cruel journey through high school and witness the dark, downward spiral during his time there.

lady of the ashley cover - short story

Two strangers meet at a historic plantation on the banks of the Ashley River. The two of them embark on a ghost hunt, that will leave one of their lives changed forever.

gnaw cover - short story

After his father's death, a young man moves back home to the family farm. He soon discovers that he's not alone.

penance cover - novel

The only thing stronger than an eight-hundred year old vampire is the pain and regret he carries with him. Follow Jack Rossi as he realizes that one cannot outrun the past and when it catches up to you, there will be hell to pay.

relentless emotion cover - poems

There are times when emotion runs free and I am forced to write from the heart and not the mind. These are my heartstrings.

Aayda Cover - short story

Being born to the wrong class of werewolf, at the wrong time, and to the wrong pack is one young woman's personal hell. Watch as this she-wolf plays out the hand life dealt her.